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atcas201 ATCA-S201 AdvancedTCA Carrier Blade Experience excellent storage performance accomplished using hardware-based SAS controller with the ATCA-S201 AdvancedTCA®. These carrier blades offer RAID 0, 1 and 1E on the storage target to off-load the CPU devices/blades for better application performance
atcas120 ATCA-S120 AdvancedTCA Carrier Blade Satisfy your in-shelf, direct attached storage requirements with our ATCA-S120 AdvancedTCA® carrier blade. The ATCA-S120 can be configured with a host CPU blade as a direct attached just-a-bunch-of disks solution or as additional storage capacity for a shared iSCSI storage network via external connection to the ATCA-S201 storage blade.
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