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AMC는 표준에 기반한 독자적 아키텍처로서 투자 수익을 극대화하여 새로운 제품에 대한 Time-To-Market을 최소화하여 개발시간과 비용의 단축을 기대할 수 있습니다. ㈜크로스젠은 다양한 플랫폼과 함께 가장 유연한 솔루션을 제공을 제공합니다.
Product Model Description
amcstorage AdvancedMC Storage Modules Get the advantage only an optimized AdvancedMC™ expansion platform can provide with our line of storage modules. Our models address major bandwidth, availability, field upgradeability, cost, scalability, management and interoperability issues to help you get the most of your telecom applications.
amc8001 AMC-8001 Telecom Clocking AMC Module Achieve completely redundant, multi-shelf clocking capability for telecommunication applications in a compact, standard AdvancedMC™ form factor with the AMC-8001.
amc9210 AMC-9210 AdvancedMC Module Extend the broad portfolio of communication processing and network processing solutions with the AMC-9210 packet processor card, developed specifically for the delivery of broadband services in the 3G Wireless, VOIP and IMS network infrastructures.
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