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switching Chip Processor Lan Card switch switch switch blade COM Express
Product Model Description
ATCA-7470 AdvancedTCA Processor Blade ATCA-7470 AdvancedTCA Processor Blade Next generation Intel-based ATCA server NEBS-3 packet processing blade (40G)
- Dual Intel Processor E5-2600 Family(1.8 ~ 2.1GHz)
- UP to 8 core, 20MB L3 cache, DDR3 128 GB max memory size
PICMG 3.1 fabric option 9/1(10G/1G), KR4 40G
RAID-0/1 support
Crypto acceleration support
Mezzanine module with two Cave Creek SKU4,
Intel DPDK/Quick Assist, WR NAP, prepared for TPM
ATCA-9405 AdvancedTCA Processor Blade ATCA-9405 AdvancedTCA Processor Blade Octeon packet processor Up to 64 Octeon-II cores @ 1.2GHz in two devices(optional 1.4GHz)
Up to 64 GByte DDR3 per Octeon-II device (with 16GB VLP DIMMs)
1GHz Management processor

Marvell 98CX8234
Redundant 40GE fabric channels (KX, 4xKX, KX4, 4xKR, KR4)
2x 40G, 8x 10GE, and 2x 1G towards RTM
2x 20GE, 2x10GE, and 1x 1GE to each Octeon-II
2x 1GE to the P2020 service processor
SRstackware switch management software for L2/L3 and context based forwarding