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- Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge Processor (새로운 샌디브리지 및 아이비 브릿지 제온 사용)
- 16 DDR3 DIMM Memory Sockets (Up to 512GB) (16개의 DDR3 메모리 슬랏제공 ( MAX 512GB))
- OA4 OS included (OA4 support KVM & Open Stack) (Freeware인 OA4를 기본제공하여 KVM 및 OpenStack에 사용가능합니다.)
- Up to 2 Cave Creak (Intel 최신 Cave Creek을 장착하여 빠른 하드웨어 성능을 보여줍니다.)
switching Chip Processor Lan Card switch switch switch blade COM Express
Product Model Description
ZX9210 AdvancedTCA Processor Blade ZX9210 AdvancedTCA Processor Blade Single and Dual Intel® Xeon® E5 2600 Series 6-Core
and 8-Core processors provide the highest compute
performance in an ATCA form factor
-Up to 16 cores / 32 threads per board
Includes OpenArchitect® 4 Linux Distribution with
KVM for virtualization
1/10G Ethernet fabric ports
(주)크로스젠 서울시 강서구